Hiroshima, Japan

Hijiyama Park

Courtesy: Pekka Myllyla

Centrally located Hijiyama Park is a good running option for those who would like to get in some hills, views, art, and blossoms! Starting just west of Peace Blvd. over the Tsurumi Bridge (Hijiyamashita Tram Station), a loop road climbs for ~1 km to the Hijiyama mountain peak (4-5% grades). Then there are some nice hilltop paths, the Fujimidai Observation Deck a children’s park, and the grounds of the Hiroshima MOCA modern art museum. The perimeter loop using the road is 3 km, but you can do some additional running around the hilltop paths. There are lots of stairs, for those who want to get the heart rate up! Note: the road has a narrow shoulder, with sidewalks in some sections.

Add-Ons: Kyobashi River Path, Peace Blvd.

  • 3.1 km (1.9 miles) loop
  • 78m (257 feet)
  • Hijiyamashita tram station, just west of Tsurumi Bridge
  • Tram: Hijiyamashita Station