Da Nang and Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An: Lighthouse and Beach Running

Flickr: Prashant Ram

Central Hoi An is busy and bustling. Except for some runnable sections of road along the Thu Bon River, the best bet for running is to explore the extensive beach area a couple of km east of Old Town. There are two options for running: the road out to the lighthouse at Cua Dai beach, or running on the beach itself. If you want to run to the beach from central Hoi An, take the main road, Cura Dai, for 3-4 km depending on where you start. It’s busy, but runnable.

Road to Lighthouse: Âu Cơ Road goes for 3.5 km, from the Hoi An Beach Resort at the intersection of Cửa Đại, south to the lighthouse. There’s a decent sidewalk/pedestrian path for most of the way, with some palm-shaded sections. There are water views in spots, although there are a fair number of resorts between the road and the water. The stone surface makes it a bit rough on the knees.

Beach Running. Cua Dai Beach is runnable as well, although it’s narrower than some sections of My Khe Beach further north toward Da Nang. It’s also a bit softer sand, so the running conditions are a bit situational. There’s nearly 30 km of continuous beach here. Some sections are more runnable than others and you might find some spots closed off by the resorts, but we’ve not many reports about that. For more information, see our Da Nang Beach Route.

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  • 3.5 km one-way along Âu Cơ Road to the lighthouse; For the beach, up to 30 km north to Da Nang!
  • Flat
  • Âu Cơ Road at the intersection of Cửa Đại
  • Bus access to this area