Huntsville, AL

Aldridge Creek Greenway

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The Aldridge Creek Greenway is one of the most popular places to run in the Huntsville area. The paved multi-use path runs from Willow Park (7.5 miles south of downtown Huntsville) south to Ditto Landing on the Tennessee River. There, the trail continues as the Tennessee River Greenway for another 1.5 miles along the river. The Greenway is a pleasant trail, with lots of tree shade, several parks, and views of the creek. The most scenic section is around Ditto Landing, where Aldridge Creek opens to the  Tennessee River.  Some distances, from the northern start:

1.3 miles: Ken Johnson Park
2.3 miles: McGucken Park (some additional trails)
3.3 miles: Green Cove Rd.
4.4 miles: Jones Valley
5.2 miles: Ditto Landing (trail continues for another mile as Tennessee River Greenway)

  • Up to 6.3 miles (10.2 km) one-way
  • Flat
  • North Start: Trailhead at Willow Park/Bailey Cove Rd.
  • Parking at Ken Johnston Park