Huntsville, AL

Big Spring Park & Downtown Historic Districts Run

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The neighborhoods of Old Town, Twickenham, Blossomwood, and Five Points, located near downtown, are gorgeous residential areas for running. The streets are lined with magnolia and oak trees and feature attractive homes.  A good place to start is Big Spring Park, a nicely landscaped downtown park with a man-made pond and walking paths. From there, create your own route enjoying the beautiful historic neighborhoods that lie between downtown and Monte Sano.

Just east of Big Spring Park, start by exploring Old Town. Then head just south to Twickenham, where the residential streets north of Lowe and west of SE California St. are lovely for running. Eustis, Randolph, Echols, White, McClung, Franklin, and Adams are gems. Next, exlore Five Points. The streets in the historic district (between Wells and Beirne) are the most attractive for running. Use the beautiful Maple Hill Cemetery to connect to the Blossomwood neighborhood, which is just east of SE California St.  The residential streets just south of there (McClung Ave., Locust Ave., Hermitage Ave.) are very pretty.

If you’d prefer a mapped route, we recommend the Poppy 3-miler and 5-miler routes on the We Run Downtown Huntsville site. We’ve created maps inspired by their routes.

  • Create your own route -- several miles possible
  • Flat with rolling hills
  • Big Spring Park is a good starting point, but you can start anywhere
  • Easy access from downtown hotels