Ibiza, Spain

es Broll de Buscastell


For those who want to have a wonderful, natural experience on Ibiza, we suggest a trail run in es Broll de Buscastell. The area is a state park, consisting of fairly wide trails and dirt roads, in a fertile valley following the course of the “Torrent” of Buscatell. There are terraces of fields, which are irrigated by an Andalusian system whereby rains cause the ‘torrent’ to overflow and flow through old stone walls into fields. The roads and paths in the area are generally quiet and lovely for running. Notes: The area is fairly hilly; can be dusty in dry conditions.

We’ve not mapped out a specific route. The area is defined by PMV-812-1 to PMV-804-1 (west to east, ~4 km), and Carr. de Forada to SN-2 (south to north, ~6 km). One road that runs through the area, north-south is Camí des Broll/Camí de Buscastell. It’s ~7 km north-south, with a steady climb heading south to north, with a gain of 170m, with some steeper sections. At the 4.8 km mark of our route, numerous smaller, quiet roads run to the east of C. Buscastell.


  • Many km possible; the Camí des Broll/Camí de Buscastell is 7 km one-way
  • The mapped route is 179m (588 feet)
  • In park on trails, or along the C.des Broll/C. de Buscastell
  • The area is ~15 km north of Ibiza