Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza ‘Runseeing’ Tour


This is a ‘runseeing’ tour of some of Ibiza City’s highlights, including the Dalt Villa (old town), the scenic Marina and Sa Penya neighborhoods, and, for a longer run, sections of the old and new ports. Since this area is a maze of narrow (and sometimes unnamed) streets, we describe the outline of the run, rather than mapping a specific route. Here’s a MAP to use as a guideline. Running the maze-like streets of Ibiza Town might be best done with a guide — we recommend our affiliate partner Go! Running Tours.

A good place to start the run is the centrally located green space of Passeig de Vara de Rey. If you’d like a hill climb, run along Carrer de Joan Xicó to Plaza Reina Sofia. Do a walking/running tour of Dalt Villa, which sits inside the city walls (see map for access points), accessed via stairs and a climb. Important sites are the Cathedral, Ajuntament d’Eiviss (City Hall), Puget Museum, Sa Capelleta, & more. There are fantastic views. Carrer de /Camí del Calvari are longer roads just outside the city walls.

Make your way down to the waterfront, to the Torre de vigilància site, using Carrer Enmig. Them, run on some of the narrow, maze-like streets of the sa Penya and La Marina, which are just south of Ave. de Les Andanes. Cross Av. Andanes, and run along the promenade path, to the Marina and port area, jaunting down the numerous piers. Depending on how much you want to run, can continue to Marina Botafoc (3 km from the Torre), or even over to Talamanca Beach, another 1-2 km (see our Waterfront Run). Use the promenade path to return to town, or a bus along Avinguda de Santa Eulària des Riu if you’d prefer a one-way run.

  • Depends on route chosen. It's 2-3 km up into and around Dalt Villa and down to the Torre, and 3 km from the Torre to Talamanca
  • Hilly up to and around Dalt Villa. Flat along the waterfront
  • Passeig de Vara is a good place to start