Ibiza, Spain

Salinas to Torre de Ses Portes Trail Run

Wikimedia Commons

There’s a scenic and fairly flat opportunity for some trail running on the southern part of Ibiza, out to the Torre de Ses Portes. To make this a run of reasonable length, we suggest parking near Salinas Beach or at Dunasal, or combine with our route in Ses Salines. Can also be accessed from Es Cavallet Beach.

Run along the small, unnamed road, heading south. At the end of the road, a path continues straight to the Torre. For a better path, take a RIGHT at the end of the road, heading toward west, briefly, and then head south along the path to the Torre. In all, it’s a 5.5 km (3.5 mile) out and back.

Longer run: combine with our Ses Salines route.

  • Salinas to Torre is 5.5 km (3.5 miles) out and back; For longer, combine with Ses Salines
  • Farly flat
  • Near Salinas Beach or at Dunasal
  • Parking near Salinas Beach or at Dunasal. The area is only 15 mins. drive from Ibiza City