Ibiza, Spain

Ses Salines Natural Park

Wikimedia Commons

A UNESCO World Heritage site located 7 km soth of Ibiza, Ses Salinas is a series of impressive salt flats situated between the Islands of Ibiza and Formentera. A National Park of 1,786 hectares features paths that include salt flats, beaches, wetlands, dunes and forests. Ses Salines beach is a popular spot within this area. There are numerous paths and small roads in the park that make for a scenic run. It’s difficult to map a specific route, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Ses Salines Beach area. It’s ~4 km along the El-900 road, down to the beach and the roads alongside/above it. Note: The sand on the beach is quite soft.
  • Salt Marsh Route. A route along the marsh edge to the Experimental Beach at Cap des Falcó, and then along the Estanys des Codols, up to 7.5 km out and back. ROUTE MAP
  • Camí des Cavallet. Pleasant road along the marsh and beach to Cavallet beach. 1 km each way. ROUTE MAP
  • Run to the Torre de ses Portes. A pleasant trail run, it’s ~2 km out to the Torre and its observation deck. Route Map. Route Description.




  • See description for different route options
  • Flat
  • There are a couple of parking areas.
  • Start of park is off the El-900. Park is ~7 km south of Ibiza