Ibiza, Spain

Sant Antoni de Portmany Waterfront Promenade

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It’s worth the drive over to Sant Antoni de Portmany to enjoy a run on the scenic waterfront promenade. Sant Antoni is a village on the west side of the island, known for its large harbor and active nightlife. A wide, dedicated waterfront promenade runs for a bit over 3 km, from the beach at Caló el Moro, south to es Pouet Beach. The scene is festive — lots of walkers and joggers, numerous bars and restaurants, and some lovely palm-lined sections. The surface is a mix of concrete/brick/stone.

Starting at Caló el Moro, the path starts as Passeig de Ponent. At the 1 km mark, reach the Passeig del Mar pier/ferry terminal (option: run down the pier — 0.8 km out and back). Continue on Passeig del Mar. Just past the amusement park, the promenade becomes Passeig de la Badia de Portmany and then Passeig de la Platja de l’Arenal as you approach Arenal Beach. The promenade ends at the Carrer des Molí, just past the Punta Es Moli Windmill, which is worth checking out. Option to continue for another ~0.5 km along the sidewalk to es Pouet Beach.



  • 6.2 km (3.9 miles) out and back
  • Fairly flat
  • North end: Caló el Moro; South end: Near es Pouet Beach, or any point along promenade
  • Good bus access