Bali, Indonesia

Gili Islands

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For those visiting Bali, the Gili Islands are a popular excursion and also great for running! Also known as the Gils, these three beautiful islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air) are known for their exquisite sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, colorful coral reefs, and swaying palm trees. They’re reachable by ferry from Bali or Lombok. For running, each of these islands has a perimeter road/path that make for a scenic route by the beach!

Gili Trawangan. Best bet is the 6.7 km (4.2 mile) loop on the island’s main perimeter road/path, Jl. Pantai Gili Trawangan. Mostly paved, with good beach & water views, and plenty of bars and restaurants along the way. There are few cars, so it’s safe for running. It’s also possible to run on the handful of interior roads, which are green, traffic-free, and offer some great views of the sea with a bit of elevation.

Gili Meno. This car-free island is 1.5 km east-west and 2.5 km north-south. The best bet for a run is the 5 km loop around the island on the scenic perimeter road/path, which has a firm sand surface. A festive atmosphere, and lovely beach/water views.

Gili Air. The smallest of the Gili Islands, Gili Air is a relatively undeveloped island featuring a lovely beach scene. The best bet for a run is the 5 km loop on the island’s perimeter path (car-free), JL Pantai, You’ll run by thatched beach huts and a handful of bars, restaurants, and resorts. Nice beach & water views. Note: some sections of the path are softer sand.

  • Gili Trawangan: 6.7 km (4.2 mile) loop; Gili Meno: 5 km (3 mile) loop; Gili Air: 5 km (3 mile) loop
  • Flat
  • We start the route on each island at the ferry terminal, but can also be started at any spot on the path
  • Islands are reachable by ferry