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Haifa Area Running Options

This northern Israel port city has some gorgeous running. The setting and geography are fascinating, as Haifa is built in tiers extending from the Mediterranean up the slope of Mount Carmel, incorporating the famously landscaped Bahá’í Gardens. The best places to run in Haifa are:

Run Along the Water. There is a wonderful multi-use path directly along the Mediterranean, extending from the area near the Hof Train Station/Google building, to Bat Galim — 6.7 km (4.2 miles). Great views of the water on one side and the city on the other. It’s also possible to run on the beach, in the right conditions, although it does not follow the entire route.  ROUTE MAP

Louis Promenade. Photo: Jon Frankel

Bahá’í Gardens Area & Promenade. These gardens, with their 19 terraces of flower beds climbing to the domed Bahai shrine on Mt Carmels are centrally located in Haifa and are a popular visitor spot. Running is not permitted in the Gardens, as they’re a holy site. The best running is the ~2 km along Yefe Nof St./Louis Promenade between the Sculpture Garden and the Haifa Zoo for a lovely promenade with great views. Combine this with the  quieter side streets coming off the gardens at different levels. NOTE: Hilly!

Haifa 1,000 Steps. A unique run and a challenge! Run up 1,000 stairs along the terraces of Haifa & Carmel Mountain. This is the course from a popular race held every May. Detailed description and map.

Carmel Mountain National Park. Israel’s largest national park has a significant network of trails. It is more trail running here, with varying degrees of difficulty, terrain, and elevation. On this link, scroll to the “Selected Trails and Sites” for suggestions of trail options.

Ein Hashofet Forest/Nachal Hashofet. Located about 1/2 hour drive from Haifa. Great area for some trail running. Beautiful scenery, with terrain ranging from easy to challenging. One popular route is to Nachal Hashofet, another hiking area, with streams, fields, and forests. Many trails — can be confusing!  Also a good spot on a hot day, as some of the trails offer good shade.

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