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Tiberias Area: Old City Tour & Path Along Jordan River

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Located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias is an important historic site, whose old city holds the Tomb of Maimonides and Abulafia Synagogue. The more modern part of the city features a marina and fish market. There’s a good variety of running options in the area:

Tiberias Old City: A 3-4 km ‘runseeing’ tour of important Tiberias sites and the Yigal Alon Promenade along the water.  Nice waterfront running around the marina in this restaurant-lined area. Start at Skotit Square and run past the Sculpture Garden Museum to the stairs. Then the Tomb of Maimonidies, the Shim’on Garden, HaZikaron Garden, and the Yigal Alon Promenade. ROUTE MAP

Path Along the Jordan River. From the Yardenit, the Christian pilgrimage destination on the River Jordan where it is said Jesus was baptized. There’s a section of the Israel National Trail along the Jordan River. From Yardenit, follow the trail along the river for 1.5 km. Then, 0.5 km away from the river, and then a path continues along the river for another 2 km where the Israel National Trail diverges. ROUTE MAP

Kinneret/Israel National Trail. Just south of Tiberias in the Kinneret area, the Israel National Trail offers several km of good running along a relatively flat gravel road, with more of a hiking type trail just above it. Above the sea, with nice views. The trail is between Rt. 90 which runs along the Sea of Galilee and Rt. 768.

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