Istria, Croatia

Rovinj Grand Tour

Lana Bukvic

This is a gorgeous run in Rovinj, considered the most picturesque and romantic town in Istria, known for its pastel-colored homes and pretty harbor. Our 10k ‘grand tour’ includes a waterfront promenade, a loop through a seaside park, and a ‘running tour’ of the old town’s cobbled, car-free streets. There are good options for a longer or shorter run.

Rovinj Park Forest. Lana Bukvic.

Start right in town near the parking lot, and head south on the waterfront promenade path. On one side is the sea, and on the other, historic homes and buildings come right down to the water. You’ll see the famous Church of St. Euphemia on the hillside. Pass the Plaza Bota beach pavillion and the Batana Eco-Museum. After 3.3 km, you’ll reach Cape Park. Option: turn back if you want a shorter run. Run along the pleasantly wooded path, with some water views, for 0.7 to Lone Bay, and continue running along the park’s paths to do a full park loop of ~ 4 km loop, passing several beaches and ‘public baths’. Return along the waterside path. When you get to the Aquarium Glass Boat, instead of continuing along the water, go STRAIGHT on Trg na lokvi, and then LEFT on Carera Ul, an important main street passing through the old town. Run for 0.5 km, and then at the Rovinj Heritage Museum/Piazza, get continue on Grisia Ul. (street) toward the water. Grisia is Rovinj’s main street, famous for shopping (and crowds in summer!). Just steps away from the main square is the imposing Balbi’s Arch, which bears the classic Venetian hallmark of the Lion of St. Mark. You’ll then pass the Church of St. Euphemia and its gorgeous panoramic views. Turn RIGHT on the waterfront path for the final 0.6 km.

Add-Ons: The waterfront path continues north of town for ~1.3 km, past the Plaža Biondi. In the park, you can also continue for another 2 km south, along the wide, wooded gravel path, to Beach Cuvi.

  • 10 km (6.2 mile( tour. Good add-on options
  • 109m (360 feet) for the whole 10k
  • Valdibora parking area