Juneau, AK

Mendenhall Glacier Area Running Options

Dredge Lake Trail: Google Street View

Here’s an opportunity to run in the area of a glacier! Located a 15-minute drive from Juneau, this important visitor destination features fantastic views of Mendenhall Lake, surrounding mountains, and the glacier. There are numerous trails for running in this area, with various degrees of difficulty.

Trails from the Visitor Center. Combine some of the trails around the Visitor Center for a gorgeous 3-4 mile run: the 1/3 mile to ‘Photo Point‘, then the 1 mile Trail of Time loop, and the 2 mile Nugget Falls loop. For those seeking a trail running challenge, there’s the 3.5 mile East Glacier loop.  MAP & INFORMATION

Glacier Spur Rd. Multi-Use Path & Powerline Trail. A paved multi-use path runs alongside Glacier Spur Rd. from the Visitor Center headed south. It’s 1.5 miles to when the road turns into Mendenhall Loop Rd. You can also run on the Powerline Trail, which is just east of Glacier Spur Rd. south to Gladstone St. From there, it’s more of a sidewalk alongside the road, continuing onto Glacier Highway all the way to Lemon Creek (8 miles total, fairly flat). ROUTE MAP

Moose Lake Trail. Google Street View

Lake Area Trails. There are several trails in the Tongass National Forest, an area of woods and lakes just west of Glacier Spur Rd. The trails are accessed from the US Forest Ranger Station off Mendenhall Loop Rd. Most of the trails are wooded, though there are some open spots and lake views. The surface is a combination of narrow dirt and glacial gravel.  Create your own route, combining the Dredge Lake Trail, Moose Lake Trail, & Moraine Ecology Trail. Note: trail conditions vary in season & weather.


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