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Juneau, AK

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The capital of Alaska, Juneau is known for its spectacular seafront setting, surrounded by mountains and glaciers. Even though its population is only 35,000, the city receives more than 1 million visitors annually and some 6,000 daily cruise ship disembarkations daily during peak season. The situation for running in Juneau is bit different than other cities: aside from a couple of decent road options along the waterfront and downtown, most of the running is on trails in the 17 million acre Tongass National Forest, with options for all abilities.

Those hopping off a ship or wanting to get oriented should use our Juneau Waterfront and ‘Runseeing Tour‘ routes. We also highly recommend some of the trails in the Mendenhall Glacier Area, including a paved multi-use path along Glacier Spur Rd. We’ve also put together a list of some of the easier trail running options in Juneau. The trails at Mt. Roberts offer both a challenge and spectacular scenery.

Runners should note that the trail conditions can vary depending on season and weather. Also, while Juneau’s climate is comparatively mild, there’s precipitation 200+ days per year, so be prepared!

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Juneau’s climate is milder than that of most of Alaska. Winters are cold but not frigid, with average highs near freezing and lows in the teens (-8C). Average snowfall is 87 inches (223 cm). It’s much colder & snowier at altitude. Summers are mild, with daytime highs in the mid-60sF (19C), and chilly evenings. The big issue with the weather in Juneau is that precipitation falls on some 2/3 of days.


The bulk of hotels in Juneau are located downtown, which is near our Downtown & Waterfront running routes.


Second Wind Sports is one of the better places in Juneau to find running gear.



Southeast Coast Runners organizes numerous running events in Juneau. Here’s their Calendar.

Juneau Marathon & Half. July.