Juneau, AK

Mount Roberts Area

View from Perseverence Trail. Flickr: Andrew Russell

The 3,819-ft Mount Roberts is one of the signature features of Juneau. It’s a mainly wooded mountain, but the views from the peak are spectacular. There are some excellent running options here, but it’s moderate to very challenging trail running. One can take a tram to the top of Mount Roberts and hike/run along the ridge.

Perseverance Trail. Google Street View

Perseverance Trail. Run all or part of this 4-mile trail, which travels along Gold Creek at the base of Mount Roberts, steadily climbing 1,400 feet. The trail generally has good footing, but there are a few tough sections. There are some fantastic views! Access from Basin Rd. ROUTE MAP

Mount Roberts Trail. A serious hiking/trail running challenge! Climb 3,700 feet over 4.25 miles. ROUTE MAP

Mount Roberts Ridge. Take the tram to the summit of Mt. Roberts and run along the ridge trails. Very hilly & challenging. Some great views.

Mt. Roberts Trail. Google Street View



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