Karachi, Pakistan

Kirthar National Park

Wikimedia Commons: QEEL BAIG
Wikimedia Commons: Shah Murad Aliani

For a trail running adventure, Kirthar National Park offers a uniquely scenic and rugged experience. The park is located 70 km north of Karachi and is known for its desert landscape, rocky hills, and twisted, stony valleys, and abundant wildlife. One of the prime sights is RaniKot Fort, a historic fortress featuring an extensive defensive wall more than 30 km long, known as the ‘Great Wall of Sindh’. A 4x4vehicle¬† is needed to get around the park. There are hundreds of of km of rugged dirt roads in the park, and some designated hiking trails of varying difficulty.

Many people visiting this park do so with a guide. Most of the roads are not marked, the terrain is very exposed, and caution with regard to the wildlife must be exercised. The vastness of the park and the lack of good online maps make it impossible to recommend specific routes. We recommend going with a guide and obtaining recommendations for a good trail running spot based on your ability and distance desired. One good area for running is around the RaniKot Fort, which has trails and a decent road leading to it.  Note: the terrain is rocky, so footing on the hiking trails could be challenging.

  • Hundreds of km of roads and some designated hiking trails.
  • 70 km north of Karachi. 4x4 vehicle reaquired. We recommend going with a guide