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The Best Places to Run in Karachi

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The seventh largest city proper in the world, Karachi is Pakistan’s financial and commercial center. The city is located on the coastline of Pakistan’s Sindh province along a natural harbour on the Arabian Sea. Given the density, state of the infrastructure, and lack of traditional sidewalks, the best bets for running in Karachi are in select parks and some other designated running spots.

The best place to run in Karachi is in the Clifton Beach and DHA 8/Seaview area, where there are numerous parks, a long beach, and waterfront paths. Sandspit Beach is another runnable beach in Karachi. We’ve also put together routes that combine a few proximal parks: Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park & Ibn-e-Qasim Park, Hill Park/Kidney Hill, and a route combining Aziz Bhatti Park, Safari Park, and Karachi University. For a ‘runseeing’ tour of some of Karachi’s historic buildings, start at Frere Hall. Athletes will love the running track and fields in the National Stadium and adjacent Coaching Center area. For a unique, scenic, and challenging trail run, hire a guide and head to Kirthar National Park.

A couple of notes about running in Karachi: the weather is hot year-round, oppressively so from April to October, and the air quality can be poor. Also, because the roads are chaotic and crowded, it’s best to find a designated running spot. It also might be advisable to run in a group of two or three.

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Clifton Beach Area

Terrific beachside running in Karachi. About 5 km of promenade paths, including Beach View Park. Clifton Beach... more...

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Hill Park

Karachi, Pakistan

One of the larger parks in Karachi and a good spot to run some hills in this generally flat city. Located in the Block 6 area, Hill Park has numerous paths for walking/running, nice landscaping, and a pond. Kidney Hill a good trail-running add-on nearby.

Karachi has a hot, desert climate, with temperatures moderated somewhat by the Arabian Sea. It can be particularly oppressive in the monsoon and summer seasons, with temperatures in the 35C (95F) range, hot nights, and high humidity. During the winter months, it’s drier, and more moderate, with daytime highs of 28C and nights that dip to the 12C (54F) range. A layer might even be needed! Most of the rain falls during the 2-3 monsoon months.

If you want to go for a run right out your door, try to stay in the Clifton Beach/DHA 8 area.


There are no independent running stores in Karachi, but there are outlets for Adidas, Nike, and Reebok. There are numerous general purpise sporting good stores that sell running gear.


Adnan Gandhi’s Seaview Runner’s Club

The Karachi Run Forum Facebook page has some information about running in Karachi.