Knoxville, TN

Sequoyah Greenway and Cherokee Blvd.

This is one of of our favorite runs in Knoxville, as it combines a pleasant off-road path, numerous parks, and a pretty residential area. A walking/running path called the Sequoyah Greenway runs along the median of leafy Cherokee Blvd. for 2.7 miles. Even though it’s a busy road, boulevard is wide and gracious, passing through a lovely residential neighborhood. Just south of the road is Sequoyah Park, which 2.6 miles of greenways & trails though, with fields and other facilities. The road ends at Kingston Pike, where you can connect with Third Creek Greenway Park.

Out and Back Option: Run the Greenway one way, then if you like, use the Sequoyah Park for some parts of the return (5.6 miles out and back).

Loop Option: Take the same way out, and then connect to the Knoxville City Greenway trail heading back west for 0.7 miles through Third Creek Greenway Park, then turning LEFT at Tobler Ln. to head south on Scenic Dr., a pretty residential road with a fairly narrow shoulder.

Add-Ons: Numerous other trails in area, including our Third Creek Greenway loop. Also, enjoy some of the pretty residential streets between Kingston Pike and Cherokee Blvd.




  • Out and Back Option is 5.6 miles (9 km); Loop option is 4.7 miles (7.6 km)
  • Out and Back: 253 feet (77m); Loop: 301 feet (91m)
  • West end of Cherokee Blvd.: Blows Ferry Rd.; East End is at Kingston Pike
  • Parking lot at West end of Cherokee Blvd. at Blows Ferry Rd.