Kobe, Japan

Suma Rikyu Park

Suma Rikyu is one of the loveliest parks in Kobe, with classic gardens and a short track surrounding the grounds. The track is a pleasant setting for laps, but runners can also set out on some of the nearby walkways and park paths for a longer route. We recommend adding a loop around the Sumarikyu Park Botanical Gardens. At the eastern end of Suma Rikyu, there’s a spot to cross the E93 highway (use Google Maps walking directions for help).

Add-Ons: A good sidewalk goes along Road 65 for 1.5 km to the Suma Promenade.  There are also paths along 65/E93 leading into the hills of Takakuradai.

  • 1 km (.75 mile) loop with longer options on paths and across the way in the botanical gardens
  • 22 meters (73 feet)
  • Rikyu Koen Mae
  • Road 65