Kyiv, Ukraine

Obolonska Quay & Park Natalka

Google Street View

This is a very pleasant run along the Dnieper River in the Obolon area of Kyiv, just north of the Pivnichnyy Bridge. The 6.5 km route combines paths along the Obolonska Quay with a loop around the adjacent Park Natalka. The entire route is on off-road paths and multi-use paths. There are great views of the water (the apartment buildings to the west are less inspiring…).

Park Natalka. Google Street View

Start with a loop around Park Natalka, which has leafy riverside paths and sporting facilities. There’s also an ‘workout park’ along this route. Then, continue north along the wide path of Obolonska Quay, just above the river. At the northern end, do a jaunt down to the point, near the Desant Australian restaurant.

Add-Ons/Options:  You can continue north on the multi-use path alongside Pryrichna St. for up to 2 km. There’s also some decent running in the Palm Lake/Obolon neighborhood just inland.

  • Up to 6.6 km (4.1 miles), with options for longer along Pryrichna St.
  • Flat
  • Park Natalka
  • Bus access nearby; Obolon Metro stop is 1.5 km away