Kyiv, Ukraine

Peremoha Park and Park Kioto

Google Street View
Park Kioto. Google Street View.

This is a pleasant run combining Peremoha Park and Park Kioto in  eastern Kyiv’s Dniprovs’kyi District. Peremoha Park is a large urban park, with nicely tree-lined, criss-crossing pathways and a small lake. It’s ~1.5 km from end-to-end. We recommend combining this with Park Kioto, which is a Japanese themed park that has some nice paths lined by cherry trees. The parks are ~1.5 km apart, using Oleksandra Boichenka St. or Andriya Malyshka St. to connect them. Overall, you can put together an 8-9 km run combining the two parks.

For some variety, there are some paths in the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics adjacent to Park Kioto.

  • 4-5 km of paths in Perehoma Park. Or, combine with Park Kioto for an 8-9 km (~5.5 mile) loop
  • Flat
  • Darnytsia Metro Station near south end of Peremoha Park
  • Metro: Darnytsia (Line 1)