Kyiv, Ukraine

Telbin Lake & Rusanivska Embankment

Google Street View

Combining a loop around Telbin Lake and the paths along the Rusanivska Embankment make for an attractive 10k waterside run on the left bank of the river, just across from Hydropark. There are great views of the water and the run is nearly all on paths. To make it easy, we start at the Livoberezhna metro station. It’s 1 km along Raisy Okipnoi to access the Rusanivska Embankment, where a nice path runs south along the water for 1.5 km in a park-like setting. At the end, turn left, continuing along the north side of the Embankment path, viewing the Rusanivski Fountains on the canal. Cross the small bridge, and run for 1 km along a pedestrian path to Telbin Lake. Then, enjoy the 2 km loop around the lake. Retrace your steps, and complete the route by running along the canal path paralleling Entuziastiv St.

Telbin Lake. Google Street View

Options & Add-Ons: You can add ~1 km further south on the embankment to Bereznyaki Beach, which also features the interesting Motuzkovyy Athletic Park. You can also save ~2 km by starting directly on our route rather than at the metro station. For a really long run, add on Hydropark, but note the best way to access it is to hop on the metro, since the Rusanivsky Bridge does not access the island from the east side.

  • 10 km (6.2 miles), starting from metro station
  • 47m (156 feet)
  • Livoberezhna Metro Station
  • Metro: Livoberezhna (Line 1)