Kyiv, Ukraine

Trukhaniv Island Loop

Wikimedia Commons

Trukhaniv Island is one of the more popular places to run in Kyiv. It’s just across the Pedestrian Bridge from the heart of the city, and sports numerous traffic-free paths and trails, as well as a beach.

Vulytsya Trukhanivsʹka. Google Street View

For fun, we start our route in the centrally located Yevropeiska Square, which adds the thrill of a downhill path to the river with great views as you pass the Friendship of Nations Arch and head across the bridge (1 km down the hill, 0.5 km across the bridge).

Once on the island, there are a few options. You can stay on the paved road/path (Vulytsya Trukhanivsʹka, relatively free of cars and popular with cyclists) for up to 4.5 km to the Pivnichnyi Bridge. It’s mainly wooded — not a huge amount to see. We’ve mapped that, then a return using some of the forested trails on the east side of the island (wide and good footing). You can also, of course, use the main road or some create your own route using

Forest Paths. Google Street View

the many other trails on the island. Among the island’s highlights are several lakes and Central Beach.

Longer Option: Enjoy the numerous other trails on the island. You can run on the western part of Trukhaniv for 3 km all the way to Dovbychka Beach at the southern end (note: nudist beach).
  • Up to 12 km (7.4 miles) loop if start in Yevropeiska Square. Starting at bridge saves ~2 km
  • The island itself is flat. All the elevation is Volodymyrska Hill at the beginning/end of the route if chosen
  • Yevropeiska Square. Or, at the Pedestrian Bridge
  • Metro: Maidan Nezalezhnosti if start in city or Poshtova Ploshcha for Pedestrian Bridge