Lahore, Pakistan

Mall Road and Lahore Canal

Wikimedia Commons: Younisjunejo

While not exactly bucolic, Mall Road is one of the more runnable roads in Lahore. This historic road was build by the British and is lined with trees and numerous shops. Although Mall Road is a wide, major traffic thoroughfare, there are either sidewalks or enough space to run along most sections of the road. The north section of the road starts at the Lahore Museum, and runs south for ~7 km to Fortress Stadium. It’s also a good option for those running in Bagh e Jinnah and Race Course Park who want a longer run.

Canal Road, which intersects with Mall Road just south of Race Course Park, is also runnable in sections. Although the canal itself is very narrow and there isn’t really a dedicated ‘path’, there are brick sidewalks along a good section. It’s possible to head in either direction from Mall Rd., though most prefer the section headed south toward Thokar.

Add-Ons: Bagh e Jinnah and Race Course Park are among the best running spots in Lahore, and are located off Mall Rd. near the Governor’s House. See our route there.

  • Mall Rd. is 7 km from the Lahore Museum to Fortress Stadium
  • Flat
  • Anywhere along Mall Rd.
  • Bus Access Along Mall Rd.