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Lahore, Pakistan

Our guide to the best places to run in Lahore

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Lahore is Pakistan’s second largest city and is the historic and cultural centre of the wider Punjab region. It’s considered one Pakistan’s most socially liberal, progressive, and cosmopolitan cities.  Given the density, state of the infrastructure, and lack of traditional sidewalks, the best bets for running in Lahore are on the ‘jogging tracks’ located in several of the city’s largest parks, plus some other designated running spots.

The historic core of Lahore is the Walled City, which can be explored on foot with our ‘runseeing’ tour in Greater Iqbal Park. For another longer, off-road run in central Lahore, combine Bagh e Jinnah (Lawrence Garden) with Race Course (Jilani) Park. Three other great parks with jogging tracks include Model Town Park and the adjacent Afra Karim Park. In the eastern part of Lahore, we love running in the landscaped Jallo Park. For road running, the best bets are the tree-lined Mall Road and the Lahore Cantonment neighborhood.

A couple of notes about running in Lahore:  Summers are very hot, and the air quality can be poor — hydrate and plan accordingly. In some spots, it might be advisable to run with a partner. Also, please respect social and cultural norms with respect to running attire.

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Mall Road and Lahore Canal

Lahore, Pakistan

Mall Road is one of the more runnable roads in Lahore. It's not exactly bucolic, but it's lined with trees and there are sidewalks a good part of the way. Can combine with Canal Road and our route in Bagh e Jinnah and Race Course Park.

Lahore Cantonment

Lahore, Pakistan

An upscale neighborhood in the southeast part of Lahore, featuring colonial-era buildings and leafy streets. One of the few sections of Lahore that are suitable for road running. Make sure to include Cavalry Ground section.

Jallo Park

Lahore, Pakistan

A large and beautifully landscaped spot in the eastern part of Lahore. In addition to botanical gardens and a lake, there are numerous recreation facilities. For running, there's a 5 km cycle track. The park is 3 km east-west and 0.6 km north-south.

Lahore’s climate and air are factors that runners should be aware of. The months of April-October are brutally hot, with temperatures from 32-40C (90-105F). Please use the right precautions. The other months are more moderate, and in winter you might even need a layer! There are distinct wet and dry seasons, with monsoonal rains in June-August.


If you’d like to walk out your hotel door for a run, we recommend staying in one of the hotels off the Mall Road commercial district, near Bagh e Jinnah and Race Course Park.

There are no independent running stores in Lahore, but there are outlets of several shoe/apparel companies.

The main running club in Lahore is the Lahore Running Club.