Lake Tahoe, CA

Incline Village – ‘Joggers Trail’ & East Shore Trail

Courtesy: Tahoe Fund

Incline Village is located in Nevada on Lake Tahoe’s northern shore, sitting between Crystal Bay and Sand Harbor. There are two great running options here. There’s a 3-mile bike path, known as the ‘Joggers Trail’, that runs along Lakeshore Blvd. in Incline Village, between Crystal Springs Rd. and the intersection with Rt. 28 near Tramway Rd. It’s a bit inland from the lake, so along most of the path, you’ll see homes and trees.

East Shore Path

More interestingly, theĀ East Shore Trail is under construction, which will head south for 3 miles from Incline Village to Sand Harbor. Starting at large parking lot in Incline near the Tunnel Creek Cafe (near where the current Lakeshore Blvd. path ends), the path will travel along the lakeshore through a tunnel and across a 900-foot-long bridge. When completed, this is going to be a spectacular trail for running, with water views most of the way. This multi-use trail is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2019. Parts are sort of open now.



  • 'Joggers Trail' along Lakeshore Blvd. is 3 miles; East Shore Path will be 3 miles to Sand Harbor
  • Joggers Trail is 105 feet. East Shore Path will be fairly flat
  • Lakeshore Blvd.
  • For East Shore Path there will be a parking lot near the Tunnel Creek Cafe