Laurentians, Quebec

Mont Tremblant National Park

Creative Commons: Andre Carrotflower

125-year old Mont Tremblant Park is Canada’s first national park and a great trail running spot, with something for all abilities. The 1500 km² park features six rivers, 400 lakes and streams, and 82 km of trails. Generally the trails are wooded and fairly narrow. Running options range from some easier lake loops to some more technical, hilly trails. have some great options too. The park is divided into four sectors: De la Diable, De la Pimbina, L’Assomption, and La Cachée.  De la Diable is the most accessible, with several good trail running options from the Discovery Center.

It’s hard to recommend a specific trail or route. This list of trails has excellent information, with ratings for difficulty. Some of the easier trail running options  — wider, with good surface, include:

La Renardière. 6.2 km loop. From the Discovery Center.
La-Boucle-des-Chutes-Croches. 13.2 km loop. From the Discovery Center.
La Chute-aux-Rats. 9.4 km loop. From the Pimbina reception station, Pimbina Sector.
La Piste-du-Loup. 6.8 km round-trip. Lac-Monroe service centre, Diable sector

  • Depends on trail chosen
  • Depends on trail chosen
  • There are four 'sectors' of this 1500 km² park