Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Port de Pully. Wikimedia Commons

This is a 9 km ‘runseeing’ tour of Lausanne, which includes the city’s historic section, key architectural and cultural sights, and a few parks. Runners can also use our map to create their own tour. Note that some of the streets connecting the various sights are not so scenic, but we’ve tried to stick to some main roads for simplicity sake. Note: this route is hilly!

Start in the old town at the Place de la Palud and run the first section heading north through the old town, passing the spectacular Lausanne Cathedral,  Palais de Rumine (museum complex), and Château Saint-Maire. Cross the main road into the Parc Hermitage, a pretty park with a a grand old estate, paths, and Le Signal viewpoint. Exit the park and head west, crossing Rue de la Borge into Lausanne’s cultural and conference area, running by the Ballet and conference center. Head south on Chemin des Cèdres, crossing the main road, into the Montbenon area, which has a lovely esplanade. Head south past the main train station (a bit busy), for a tour of Parc Milan and its botanical garden. Then cross Ave. de Cour to do a quick tour of the IMD campus, then completing your route by returning north along Ave. d’Ouchy (or some other preferred side street).

Add-On:  Paths around Port d’Ouchy and the Lake Geneva waterfront.

  • 9.3 km (5.8 miles)
  • 238m (782 feet)
  • Place de la Palud, near the Cathedral