Lausanne, Switzerland

The Best Places to Run in Lausanne

Lausanne, capital of the Vaud region of Switzerland, is an attractive city located on the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman in French). The city itself is located 500m above the lake, so there are wonderful views of the water and mountains. Lausanne is also famous for being home of the International Olympic Committee and 55 other athletic organizations. The most attractive running in Lausanne is along the 10 km of lakeside running paths headed east to Pully and west to Saint-Sulpice. We’ve also designed a ‘runseeing’ tour of Lausanne’s scenic and historical highlights. Olympics fans will love our tour of Port d’Ouchy and Parc Olympique.

Fun fact: Lausanne is the smallest city in the world with a rapid transit system. Use the metro to get from the city down to the lake. Lausanne is 60 km northeast of Geneva.

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Lasanne has a decent climate for running year-round, with cool winters and mild summers. In summer, average high temperatures are 25C (75F), though the mountain air means nights can cool off. In winter, daytime temperatures climb to just above freezing (4C), with nights dipping just below freezing. Annual snowfall only averages 66 cm (13 inches), though it’s much more abundant in the surrounding mountains. Rain is fairly evenly spread throughout the year.

If you stay near Lausanne’s historical center, you’re a brief metro ride away from the lovely lakeside promenade paths. If you want scenic running out your door, stay near Port d’Ouchy.

There are no running-only shops in Lausanne, but there are several outdoor gear stores that carry shoes and apparel for both road running and trail running. See the Overview map for store names and locations.