Leeds, UK

Wykebeck Way Linear Park

Primrose Valley Park. Google Street View

Wykebeck Way is a wonderful signposted, linear park trail, running for nearly 6 miles between Temple Newsam and Roundhay Park. Similar in nature to the Meanwood Valley Trail, this fairly wide dirt and gravel path makes for an easy trail run. Nearly the entire path is through parks and across fields. The path is well way-marked.

Starting at the southern end at the Temple Newsam running track. After 0.6 miles, there’s a ~1 mile on-road section, connecting to Primrose Valley Park, which features lovely paths and meadows. Exit the park and cross York Rd. (A64), where the path passes through Killingbeck Fields and past the Tourist Information Center into the Fearnville Playing Fields (3 mi.). Continue north along a small stream, cross Easterly Rd. (A58), and continue for 0.5 miles into Roundhay Park. The path terminates at Tropical World, a popular visitor spot in Roundhay Park.

Add-Ons: Additional paths for running at Temple Newsam, Primrose Valley Park, and Roundhay Park, where we also have separate routes. At Temple Newsam, can also connect to Skelton Country Park and Rothwell Country Park.


  • 5.6 miles (9 km) one-way
  • 342 feet (104m) one-way, headed north
  • South end: Temple Newsam, near the running track; North End: Roundhay Park at Tropical World