Lille-Roubaix, France

Parc du Héron, Château de Flers, Metropole Stadium

Creative Commons: Ibex73

This is a great run combining the largest park in Lille with a castle and a terrific stadium track. The 110-hectare Parc du Héron, located 7 km east of the city center in the suburb of Villeneuve-d’Ascq, is the largest park in the area, featuring 10 km of pleasant trails for running — a combination of open fields, paths along a small river, and wooded terrain. A loop around the perimeter is ~3 km.

Stadium Metropole path & fields. Google Street View

For a terrific longer run, we recommend combining Parc du Héron with the paths that go to the Château de Flers, a Brick Flemish-design château, built in 1661. Use the path that crosses the highway on the north side of Lac Saint-Jean, to run for ~1 km west to the castle. On the return, there’s a small wooden boardwalk bridge over Lac des Espagnols leading to the Stadium Lille Métropole complex. Run around the fields,. the 1 km exterior perimeter path, and the running track inside the stadium!

  • 6.2 km (3.8 miles) combining the park, path to the Château, and Stadium perimeter loop
  • 31m (101 feet)
  • Parc du Héron parking lot
  • Train: quick ride to the Annappes station