Little Rock, AR

The Heights

Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Heights is one of the trendiest and upscale areas of Little Rock. It’s a hub for foodies and shoppers, but the gridlike street layout, lined with gardens and gorgeous homes, is a great spot for a meandering run. Not all the streets in this area north of Cantrell Road have sidewalks, but traffic is light and confined mostly to local residences. Club Road, Country Club Road, Country Club Boulevard, and Stonewall Road are all great choices. We’ve mapped a 2.5 mile loop on some of the best roads, but there are plenty of options for extensions. See our nearby Allsopp Park/Hillcrest routes for more ideas nearby. 

  • 2.3 mile (3.7 km) loop (with longer options)
  • 69 feet
  • Kavanaugh Boulevard
  • Kavanaugh Blvd. and Newton Street