Liverpool, UK

Calderstones Park

Wikimedia Commons

This is a true gem in southeast Liverpool. The 126-acre Calderstones Park is named for a dolmen of sandstone boulders at the park’s center. Runners will find plenty of other interest points here, from the Calderstones Mansion House to the verdant botanical gardens. There are also numerous running trails throughout the park, including asphalt walkways and gravel tracks around the lake. We’ve mapped a 5 km course around the park. Take a bonus detour to Strawberry Field, the gate and garden of The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour fame.

Add-Ons: The Mossley Hill Athletics Club has several routes in this area, reaching into the Childwall and Woolton neighborhoods. Some good hills!

  • 5 km (3 miles) park loop
  • 34 meters (110 feet)
  • Calderstones Road
  • Mossley Hill Station