Liverpool, UK

Rimrose Valley Country Park

Ian Greig

Though it’s a bit north of Liverpool, Rimrose Valley Country Park is a perfect destination for a long and scenic park run. There are lots of options here and varied terrain.A 2.5 km paved multi-use path cuts through the center of the park. A choice section of the Leeds to Liverpool Canal borders the east edge of the park for 2 km. (Runners can continue along the canal for many miles in either direction). There are other gravel and grass paths criss-crossing the park, and lots of opportunities for loops. We’ve mapped a 5 km loop along the canal and through the park.

Add-Ons:  Gravel path along the Leeds to Liverpool Canal continues for many km east and south of the park. Also, our Crosby Beach coastal route is ~1.5 miles west of the park.

  • 5 km (3 miles)
  • 16 meters (52 feet)
  • Beach Road
  • Waterloo Station