Liverpool, UK

Sefton Park

Wikimedia Commons

Sefton Park is one of the most beloved parks in all of Liverpool. At over 200 acres, there is plenty of space here for trees, benches, and meandering asphalt pathways. The highlight of running in Sefton Park is the flat loop around the lake, but there are plenty of good options here. Some runners like to tackle the 4 km oval around Aigburth Drive and Mossley Hill Drive. We’ve mapped a 5 km route of the park highlights starting from the Palm House.

Add-Ons: Additional park paths. Runners can also wander west into Princes Park. Alternatively, head east to see the famous Penny Lane.

  • 5 km (3 miles) loop; Good add-ons
  • 26 meters (85 feet)
  • Palm House
  • Mossley Hill or St. Michaels Station (~1 mile from the park)