Batumi, Georgia

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Batumi is the second largest city of Georgia. It’s a popular visitor destination for its scenic geographical setting on the Black Sea and at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, and for its casino. The city is a mix: restored 19th century buildings in its Old Town, and modern high-rises with unique architecture. The best running in Batumi is along the seafront and in its central parks. Just outside the city, things get hilly and challenging very quickly!

The best place to run in Batumi is the 8 km Seafront Promenade. It’s a festive scene, with great views. Just south in Gonio is another 2.75 km waterfront path. We’ve also put together a nice ‘runseeing’ tour showcasing Boulevard Park, and other centrally located parks, squares, fountains and sites. We also love running on the large Botanical Garden, located 10 km north of Batumi. Good options for those who like hills and trails are Mount Anuria, Gonio Cross, Mtirala National Park, and Machakhela National Park.

Runners should note Batumi’s humid subtropical climate. It’s a very rainy city, with 2400mm of rain annually.

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Batumi has a humid subtropical climate. Summer temperatures are warm, and moderated compared to Tblisi due to the sea and mountain influence. Winters are mild and wet. Note that Batumi receives some 2400 mm (95 inches) of rain annually — come prepared!

There’s a good selection of accommodations in central Batumi, between the E70 road and the coast. Try to stay in this central area for best access to the Seafront Promenade and Batumi’s central parks & sites outside your door.


There’s a decent selection of stores to get running gear in Batumi, including TopSport and Elite Sport and outlets of Nike and Puma. See the running overview map.


Connect with the Love Run Batumi club for some community running in Batumi.

Georgia running event calendar, from Ahotu.

The September Batumi Run is one of the signature running events in Batumi.