Bratislava, Slovakia

A Guide to the Best Places to Run in Bratislava

The capital of Slovakia, Bratlislava is a charming city of 600,000 on the banks of the Danube river, located between Vienna and Budapest. Bratislava’s historic center is on the left bank of the river, with its maze-like streets, hilltop Castle, and impressive grounds of the capital area. There are also some nice spots across the river in Petržalka. The four bridges (MOST=Bridge) between the left and right banks are Apollo Bridge, Starý (Old Bridge), Novy (SNP) Bridge, and Lafranconi. There’s wonderful running in Bratislava, owing to lovely river paths, numerous parks, lakes, and forest lands of the little Carpathians right at the city’s doorstep. If you’d like to have an in-person guided running experience in Bratislava, we highly recommend our friends at Go! Running Tours.

The best places to run in Bratislava center around the Danube, including 10 km of paths on the left and right banks right in the city and extensive paths heading south along the river in dammed areas. There are also several lovely lakes with running paths, including Kuchajda and Draždiak lakes. Great parks for running are Orchard Park and Horský Park. There are two extensive preserves with a variety of trails close to the city center: the ‘urban forest’ of Železná Studnička, and the popular spot of Kamzík mountain. We’ve also put together an enjoyable ‘runseeing’ tour of Bratislava.

Most of our routes are accessible via Bratislava’s solid transport system, the MHD, which consists of buses, trams, and trolleybuses.

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Horský Park

Bratislava, Slovakia

Popular park located in the city center, with combination of wide gravel paths, more rugged trails, and lots of stairs. Hilly! One can put together a 2-3 km in the park, or combine with Presidential Gardens/historic center for a longer run.

Bratislava has a moderate continental climate, with cool to cold winters and mild summers. There are distinct seasons. Average summer high temperatures are in the 80F (26-27C) range, though nights can cool off. In winter, daily highs creep above freezing (3-4C), and lows just below it (-4C). Precipitation is fairly even throughout the year, with modest rainfall. It can snow, averaging ~50 cm a year in the city, with more in the nearby mountains.

There are three independent running stores in the city, all centrally located: RunShop, Running Store Bratislava, and RunningPro.

Group Runs: Adidas Runners Bratislava has an active running group.


This is a good list of top running events in the Bratislava area.