Bratislava, Slovakia

Draždiak Lakes

There is pleasant running in the Petržalka residential area, owing to two lakes and paths along a tributary of the Danube. Big (Veľký) Draždiak Lake is located 5 km south of Bratislava town center, and features a pleasant paved path of nearly 2 km around its perimeter, with a combination of woods and water views. There are km markers along the way. For a longer, ‘two lake loop’ of 3.7 km, wind your way just to the east to Little (Malý) Draždiak Lake, crossing Starhradská at the 1770s ‘fairy tail’ house.

Add-On/Longer Run: There are pleasant paved paths along the small river that’s a tributary of the Danube. Good access from the Stadium at the western end of Veľký Draždiak, and then head north, paralleling Tematínska, for up to 3 km one-way.

  • ~2 km around Big Draždiak, 3.7 km (2.3 miles) around both lakes
  • Fairly flat
  • Any access point to lakes
  • Good access to Hospitals/Stadium in area, which adjoin the lake