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Bursa, Turkey

Our Guide to the best places to run in Bursa


Bursa is the the fourth largest city in Turkey, known for its greenery and Ottman-era architecture. The city’s setting is dramatic, bordering a fertile plain with Mount Uludağ towering over it and richly varied forests in the surrounding region. The  best options for running in Bursa are in the city’s numerous parks and gardens. There are good options for trail running in the nearby forests and mountains.

A good way to get oriented in Bursa is to take our ‘runseeing‘ tour, where you can use the Atatürk Caddesi (road) to see many of the main sites. The Reşat Oyal Culture Park is nearby and one of the best places to run in Bursa. Other nice, green options are the Botanical Park and Hüdavendigar & Mihrapli parks. West of the city, Atatürk City Forest is a good spot for a shaded, easier trail run. For a destination run, head to Uludağ National Park, which has gorgeous scenery and trail running options for all abilities.

For transport, there’s a good subway system in central Bursa, accessing most of our routes. Notes: outside of outside of our designated running routes, the streets are crowded and not great for running. The air in Bursa can be poor and it’s quite hot in summer.

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Bursa has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. In summer, temperatures hover in the 30-32C (86-90F) range, though nights are comfortable. In winter, the average high is 6C (45F), while lows dip to near freezing. Most of the annual rainfall occurs in the winter months. Note that there can be substantial snow in the surrounding mountains.

Try to stay near the old city or one of the major parks in our route list to be able to step out your door for a run. The subway accesses most of our routes.

Best spots in Burda for running gear are the centrally located Platini Spor store, and outlets for major brands such as Nike, New Balance, and Adidas.