Córdoba, Spain

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Córdoba, Spain

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Córdoba, located in the Andalusia area of southern Spain, is the country’s 12th largest city. The Guadalquivir River cuts through the center of the city, with the foothills of the Sierra to the north. The entire center of Córdoba has named a UNESCO heritage site. There’s some decent running in Córdoba, Spain — but not that many natural routes. In the historic center (Centro), best options are to explore the maze-like streets and small parks, and paths along the Guadalquivir River There are some larger parks and preserves to the north of the city.

Become acquainted with Córdoba with our ‘runseeing’ tour, which includes many of the city’s main sights and a small linear park. The best place to run in Córdoba are the paths along the Guadalquivir, which includes Parque de Miraflores. Just to the north, there’s decent running in Parque de la Asomadilla. All these three routes are centrally located and can be combined in various ways. For a lovely run and an escape from the city’s heat, head to Los Villares Park.

Runners should note that Córdoba is among the hottest cities in Spain, with summer temperatures averaging 37C. For transport, there are buses in Córdoba, and high-speed train that connect with other locations in Spain.

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Parque de la Asomadilla

Córdoba, Spain

The largest park in Córdoba and one of the better spots for an off-road run. The park features fairly open, rolling hill terrain, with wide brick and gravel paths and some nice views. A loop of the park is ~3.2 km. Located 2 km north of Córdoba Centro.

Parque Los Villares

Córdoba, Spain

Lovely green space in the Sierra Morena mountains just north of Córdoba is a good spot for a destination run. Best options for running are the Botanico and Sierra Morena trails, which pass through dense woods with typical Mediterranean scrub.

Córdoba has a sunny climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Runners should note that Córdoba is among the hottest cities in Spain, with summer temperatures averaging 37C (98F), though nights to cool off comparatively. Spring and fall are delightfully warm and sunny. Winter high temperatures are in the 15C (59F) range, with nights staying above freezing. Most of the  600mm of annual rainfall occurs in the winter months.


Many of Córdoba’s hotels are located in the city center (Centro), which provides access to our most of our three main running routes in the city.

There are several outlets of the Oteros running store chain in Córdoba. See the overview map on the city home page.

AristaRun is a another terrific running store in Córdoba.