Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf in the Arabian Desert, Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and the most visited city in the Middle East, drawing 15 million annual visitors. A major business and transit hub, Dubai is known for its towering skyscrapers, resort-quality beaches, and public parks which, owing to the city’s wealth, are nothing short of architectural gems.

Running in Dubai is varied and exciting, with a landscape highlighted by the Gulf coast, sandy dunes, western mountains, and man-made gems. The best places to run in Dubai are along the waterfront in the Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, and 10 km+ along Jumeira Beach, much of it on jogging tracks. Many of Dubai’s parks feature rubberized jogging paths that are great for everything from a quick lap to a longer tempo run (some require an entry fee). Most of Dubai’s roads are very wide and busy with cars, but they also feature wide sidewalks, which are fine for running.

Dubai is a rather large and sprawling city.  You may want to consider picking up a Nol smart card, which will allow you access to the extensive (and fast!) metro system and city buses.

Note: Be knowledgeable about cultural sensitivities and dress when running in Dubai.

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Dubai Marina

The 8 km promenade alongside Dubai’s Marina is one of the most scenic runs in Dubai, with... more...

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Zabeel Park

Dubai, UAE

Zabeel Park has plenty of walking paths and fitness equipment, but the best route is undoubtedly the designating jogging track which encircles the park in 2.5 km lap.

This is a hot, desert climate. Summers are brutal: hot, windy, and more humid than one would think for a desert climate. Please use caution when running in summer, as average high temperatures average over 100F (38C) from May-October and 44C (111F) in July and August. Summer nights do not cool off, with averages in the low 30s (90F). Winters are much more pleasant for running, with high temps in the mid 20s (75-80F) and nights that dip into the teens (60s). Precipitation is relatively rare. Do be aware that dust storms can occur.



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Most running stores in Dubai are chains, but you can find great shoes and other equipment at the Outlet Mall and the Mall of the Emirates. For a running group (which hosts lots of expats) check out the Desert Road Runners club or the Dubai Creek Striders.

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