Graz, Austria

The best places to run in Graz & Vicinity

Graz is the capital city of the Austrian state of Styria and second-largest city in Austria. This attractive city site, with a beautifully preserved old town (Altstadt) sits on both sides of the Mur River and is surrounded by mountains. There’s some lovely running in Graz. But runners should note that outside the Mur River paths, there’s gonna be some hills! Note: Weg=Path, See=Lake

The best places to run in Graz center on the several km of paths along the Mur River. We’ve also put together a terrific ‘runseeing‘ tour, showcasing the Graz Castle, several parks, and a jaunt through Altstadt. For a long, forested run, we recommend the Leechwalkd Forest route. Those looking for trails and hills near the center will enjoy the options in Gösting and around Plabutsch mountain.

All of our routes are accessible via Graz’ excellent public transport system, which consists of buses, four tram lines, and trains.

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Graz has a humid continental climate with cool winters and warm summers. In summer, average high temperatures are in the 25C (77F) range, with cool nights. Fall is gorgeous. and lingers into late October/early November. Winters are cold but not frigid, with daytime and nighttime temps hovering just above and just below the freezing mark, with 60 cm (24 inches) of snow annually. Rain in summer comes often in the form of thunderstorms. Precipitation is evenly spread through the year.

Try to stay near the city center to access the Mur River paths and our ‘runseeing’ tour from outside your door! The charming Altstadt (old city) is on the east bank of the river.


There are no independent running-centric stores in Graz, but there are outlets of several major sporting goods chains.

This is a good calendar of running events in Graz.

The Graz Marathon, held in October, is a popular event.