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Guadalajara, Mexico

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Guadalajara is the second largest metropolitan region in Mexico, with a population of some 5 million. It’s a city of historical sites, a major center of commerce & culture, and a festive scene. The oldest section is the ‘Centro’. The city is laid out in a radial urban plan, with five major routes into and out of the city and surrounding ring roads. Guadalajara is made up of 2,300 neighborhoods (colonias). The situation for running in Guadalajara is a mixed bag. The city is densely populated, with a lot of traffic, and many of the streets aren’t very pleasant for running. The best places to run in Guadalajara are in a handful of the larger parks.

The signature run in Guadalajara is the Bosque Los Colomos, with many km of wooded paths. Parque Metropolitano and Solidaridad Park are other excellent parks for running in Guadalajara. We’ve also put together a scenic ‘runseeing’ tour of the city, showcasing important sights, major plazas, and several small parks. Trail runners looking for some challenge can head to Barranca de Huentitán — a steep canyon — and some other wooded & mountainous hiking areas.

Notes: Runners should note Guadalajara’s 5,000 foot elevation — need to get acclimated & hydrate. The city also has great weather, with warm temperatures year-round. Also note that the surface of many of the streets is cobblestone or brick, making running a challenge in some areas.

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Guadalajara has delightful weather for running year-round. Daytime temperatures range from 25-32C (77-90F), with nights dipping to 10-16C (50-60F). There are distinct wet and dry seasons, with most of the city’s precipitation falling from June-September.

There’s a large selection of accommodations, particularly near the Centro. Staying near there, runners can access our ‘runseeing’ tour. For access to the best running in Guadalajara, try to stay near Bosque Los Colomos, or one of the parks.

This calendar lists the major running events in Guadalajara.

Guadalajara Marathon. May, The signature running event.

Guadalajara Half Marathon. February. More than 16,000 runners.