Kristiansand, Norway

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Kristiansand is a resort city in southern Norway, and is the country’s fifth largest city. It’s a popular summer visitor destination for its attractive setting on Austerhavna Bay, beaches, and zoo. The best running in Kristiansand is in the area of its historic centre, Kvadraturen, with waterfront paths, Odderøya Island, and the Baneheia hiking area all nearby.

The anchor of running in Kristiansand is the 5 km of waterfront paths along Austerhavna Bay and the Otra River. Just south of Kvadraturen, the former navy base on Odderøya Island is now a popular recreation area with trails. Just north is scenic trail running in the woods and lakes of Baneheia Park & Ravnedalen Park. East of the city, there are some nice wooded trails adjacent to the Sukkevannshallen sports complex.

Notes: Kristiansand has a good network of cycle trails next to the main roads, which can be used for running as well. Note the extremes in day length, which translates into near 24-hour daylight running in summer, and the fact that most trails — even in Baneheia — are lit at night!

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Odderøya Island Loop

Kristiansand, Norway

A 3.5 km loop around this island that's a former island naval base, now a popular recreation area. It's just south of downtown. The terrain is a combination of open and forested, and it's fairly hilly. There are old forts and some great views.

Kristiansand has a cool oceanic climate whose temperatures are fairly moderate considering the latitude. It’s actually one of the sunnier cities in Norway. Summer temperatures are buoyed by the long days and reach 70F during the day, with cool nights. A layer might be needed. Winter temperatures hover above and below freezing. There can be snow, but doesn’t typically stick around that long. Note many running trails are lit, owing to the short days.

We recommend staying in Kvadraturen, the city’s historic section, for access to some of our favorite running routes in Kristiansand.