Liepāja, Latvia

Creative Commons: Kulmalukko

Liepāja is in western Latvia, located on the Baltic Sea. It’s the country’s third largest city. It’s a scenic seaside location, marked by a coastline of an unbroken sandy beach and dune. There’s some nice running in Liepāja, taking advantage of the sea, and surrounding canals, lakes, and wetlands.

The most significant green space in Liepāja is Liepāja Seaside Park, which runs for 4 km along the coastline. It’s mainly wooded, with some beach views. The beach is also runnable and extends for many km. Just 1 km to the east is our the Liepāja Canal. Combining this 2.5 km path with Liepāja Lake and the 1 km ‘spit’ is our favorite place to run in Liepāja. One can combine the Seaside Park, Canal, & Lake for a longer route! In the northern part of Liepāja, there’s some nice running in the Karosta neighborhood, combining paths along the Karosta canal, Lačplėš Park, & breakwaters & piers.

Note: Liepāja is known for its near constant sea breezes!

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Liepāja weather is highly influenced by the sea, which moderates temperatures. The main feature: wind. Liepāja summers are mild and fairly sunny, with high temperatures in the 22C (72F) range, and cool nights. A layer will be needed! Winter days are just above freezing, with lows in the -3C (26F) range. The 700mm (27 inches) of precipitation is fairly evenly spread throughout the year. It can be snowy & icy, but the snow doesn’t stick around that long. The fairly northern latitude means greater seasonal extremes in day length.

There’s a good selection of accommodations in central Liepāja. Try to stay south of the canal and west of the A11, which will provide easy access to the Seaside Park & Canal/Lake routes.

There are several sporting goods stores in Liepāja that carry running gear. See the Overview map on the city home page.