Łódź, Poland

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Łódź, located in central Poland, is the country’s fourth largest city. A former industrial centre, Łódź has been experiencing somewhat of a rejuvenation over the past 10-15 years. The centerpiece of running in Łódź is in its numerous parks.

A great way to get oriented in Łódź is to run the 4.2 km Piotrkowska Street, which is one of the largest thoroughfares in Europe. Among the best places to run in Łódź is to combine two classic European parks: Józef Poniatowski Park & Józef Piłsudski Park. We’ve also put together two ‘linear park’ runs: one starts at Park Staromiejski and the other at Park Źródliska. Trail runners will find their bliss in Łagiewnicki Forest — one of the largest city forests in Europe — as well as the smaller Okręglik Forest.

For getting around Łódź, there are buses and 19 tram lines. Runners should note that winters can be cold, with some snow.

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Eastern Łódź Parks 10k

Lodz, Poland

A nice run just east of Piotrkowska through several parks, nearly nearly all on park & connector pedestrian paths. Includes Park Źródliska, Park nad Jasieniem, & Park Baden-Powella/Park 3 Maja. Each of the parks has its own character, making for a fun run.

Lodz has cold winters and warm summers.In summer, temperature are pleasant, with highs in the 24C (75F) range, and nights that cool off. Winter highs and lows are on either side of freezing, and rarely frigid. There can be snow. Winters are drier than summer.

Try to stay in central Łódź, in between Highways 14 & 91. This will provide easy access to most of our running routes in Łódź,


There are several places to buy running gear in Lodz.

Trucht is geared toward running & triathlons.

There are also outlets of Sports Direct & Intersport.


Best bets for group runs are the parkruns in Józef Poniatowski Park & Las Łagiewnicki. Saturdays, 9am

Calendar of running events in Poland.

Lodz Marathon. April.