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Lusaka is the capital and largest city in Zambia. It’s a fast-growing city of 3+ million, located on a high-altitude plateau with some hills and mountains. The situation for running in Lusaka can be challenging. The roads are busy and traffic-clogged, and there aren’t that many sidewalks. There are no large parks or trails in the city. But there are a few decent places!

Our favorite place to run in Lusaka is 20 km south of the city at Lilayi Game Farm, which features scenic trails and wildlife viewing. In central Lusaka, there’s some nice running in the neighborhoods east of the Central Business District and around the campus of the University of Zambia. At National Heroes Stadium, the are some quiet roads on non game days and the OYDC Running Track. Lusaka National Park has some cycle trails that are also runnable.

Runners should note that they might need to acclimate to Lusaka 1280m altitude. The climate is good for running. There are a couple of hot and humid months, but temperatures are warm year-round.

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Lukasa has a humid subtropical climate with mild to hot temperatures year-round and distinct wet and dry seasons. The warmest months see daytime high temperatures near 30C (86F), with warm nights. The coolest months feature daytime temps of 22C and cool-ish nights. April-October features very little rain and is less humid.

There’s a good variety of accommodations just east of the CBD, which is also the best area in Lusaka for running. Other good running areas are a bit of a distance from downtown.

Running Stores

There are no dedicated running stores in Lukasa, but there are sporting goods stores that carry running gear. See the Running Overview Map.

Group Runs

The Lukasa Running Club hosts group runs Wednesdays at 1800 from the Gymkhana Club at Lusaka Showgrounds.