Odessa, Ukraine

A guide to the best places to run in Odessa, Ukraine


Odessa is the third most populous city of Ukraine and a major tourism center, seaport and transport hub located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea, with terraced hills overlooking a small harbor. The city is popular for its beaches, warm summer climate, cultural offerings, and some beautiful older architecture designed with a Mediterranean influence. Running in Odessa is centered on the seaside parks and paths, though there are also some good options in the city center. Many thanks to RunUkraine for their help with this guide!

The signature run in Odessa is the ‘Path of Health‘ between Lazheron Beach and Arcadia Beach, which combines a multi-use trail through a park above the Black Sea with a scenic waterfront path. There’s also nice seaside running between Beach 8 and Zolotyi Beach. Anyone running in Ukraine must do the famous Potemkin Stairs, which is part of our ‘Odessa Highlights‘ tour, combining Shevchenko Park, Greek Park, and some important monuments and buildings. For more parks, we have routes around the Peremohy Arboretum and Dyukivsky Garden. For some trail running, head to the Kuyalnytsky Estuary, located 10 km north of Odessa.

Odessa is well-served by public transport, with an extensive tram and bus system. Note that summer is a real treat for running in Odessa, with deliciously warm days and late sunsets.

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Odessa has a humid continental climate, with delightfully warm summers and cool but not frigid winters. Running in Odessa is delightful in summer, with warm, sunny, long days. Autumn is also very pleasant. Winters are cool, with daytime highs and lows just above and below freezing. Extensive cold and snowfall are rare, with temps moderated by the seaside location. There’s only about 450mm (18 inches) of precipitation annually, and it’s fairly well spread through the year.

Odessa is a popular visitor destination, and there’s a wide range of centrally located accommodations. For access to the best running out your door, we recommend trying to stay in the central city, near the sea or Shevchenko Park.

There are no independent running stores in Odessa, but there are numerous sporting/recreational goods stores and outlets of Nike and New Balance.

Here’s a good calendar of running events in Ukraine, several of which are in the Odessa area.

The signature running event in Odessa is the Tavria Half Marathon, generally held in June.