Rennes, France

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Vue d'ensemble de la place du parlement de Bretagne à Rennes (France), depuis son entrée sud.

Rennes is the capital of Brittany and lies at the confluence of the Ille and Vilaine rivers. The city of nearly 500,000 inhabitants is known for its medieval half-timbered houses, the grand Rennes Cathedral, and several notable museums. There’s some very nice running in Rennes, centered on riverside paths and several lovely parks.

We’ve designed three routes in Rennes, which can be mixed and combined, One great way to get oriented is to explore the mainly pedestrianized historic center, and then take our ‘three parks’ tour, which includes the Parc du Thabor, Prairies Saint-Martin, and Parc des Gayeulles. For the river routes, there are two options: east to Champagne Park, and south toward the Apigné Lakes, where there are also nice paths around the lakes.

Rennes is well-served by public transport, with a metro and buses. Runners should note that Rennes gets less rain than many other parts of Brittany, and experiences mild winters and mild to warm summers.

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